SETRAM launches its new corporate website

Barcelona, November 17 2015.SETRAM, Multimodal Logistics Operator specialized in the automotive industry, is launching its new corporate website. It is a new web space designed for access from any computing device. SETRAM captures its 34 years of business experience in an usable, easy to search and modern look-and-feel website. Its main sections are:

  • SETRAM: Summary of the company’s foundation and history, with access to the current management team, subsidiaries, quality and security strategies, technological breakthroughs and economic figures.
  • Logistics solutions: All vehicle road transport and distribution services: Long distance transport, distribution and local transport, confidential trucks, industrial vehicle transport, and buy-back/rent-a-car fleet management. Logistics hubs information. Vehicle port terminals in Barcelona and Seville.
  • News: Corporate messages sent by SETRAM to the market players, which shape corporate reputation.
  • Blog Analysis: It records the most popular analysis read in SETRAM’s blog during the past few months.
  • Private Area: Area restricted to SETRAM’s clients, employees and partners.The upgrade of SETRAM’s corporate website cements the digital transformation required by any Automotive Automobile Logistics Operator, that includes the service accessibility and traceability clients require today.

web setram

Dynamic digital infrastructure

SETRAM daily manages its digital reputation on the following channels:

New website:
Automotive Logistics Analysis Blog:
Linkedin corporate page:
Twitter corporate account:  @_setram
Video channels:

SETRAM published its first corporate website in 1999. Since then, it was updated three times in order to reach its objective of building a bridge both with its clients and with the market. Five years ago, the Blog was launched as a means for the analysis of the data and the reality of the automotive supply chain. After 200 published articles, it records 40,000 visits from professionals in the automotive industry, from the five continents. The video channel reaches 900 views. SETRAM’s account on Twitter, @_setram, already adds 600 followers. Furthermore, SETRAM’s corporate page on Linkedin just started to share value added content for the automotive professionals present in that professional network. In short, SETRAM commits to stay alert to any digital tool innovations in order to inform and communicate with its target audience.

web setram


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