SETRAM informa que la caída de su facturación en 2020 será del 21%

Barcelona, 21 de setiembre del 2020.-  SETRAM es una compañía experta en Logística de Automoción del Vehículo Terminado que presta sus servicios al sector desde 1982. SETRAM presentó en marzo un ERTE debido a la pandemia de la Covid19, que ha durado hasta que la situación se ha normalizado.

En estos momentos, la totalidad del personal de SETRAM está en activo y la cifra final de caída de facturación será de un 21% en 2020, lejos del casi 50% que las previsiones iniciales auguraban.

En SETRAM ha prevalecido, en todo momento, la absoluta solvencia económica, que le ha permitido garantizar el desarrollo de sus servicios. Así ha podido hacer frente a la situación derivada de la crisis sanitaria y sin ningún tipo de previsión negativa, más allá de la caída temporal de la cifra de negocios y de los resultados.

En el mes de marzo del 2020 presentó el Informe de Gestión con las previsiones del 2020, con unas expectativas de caída de la facturación de 23 Millones de Euros. Esta cifra estaba basada en la paralización del aparato productivo mundial debido a la pandemia de la Covid19, al cierre de las fábricas de automóviles en Europa y a la puesta en marcha de un “estado de alarma” generalizado que no permitía el libre movimiento y venta de automóviles a nivel mundial. En este momento, la previsión de la caída de facturación en el año 2020 es de aproximadamente 10 Millones de Euros.

Información Corporativa




Contacto Periodistas: 

Manuel Carrillo, 91 737 53 11

Contacto Publicidad:

Clara Fernández, 91 737 53 11


SETRAM declared environmentally friendly with the award of the ISO 14001 certificate

Barcelona, Jun 8, 2017 – SETRAM, Multimodal logistics operator specialized in automotive logistics, has been awarded the ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management by Bureau Veritas. With its environmental management system certified by this international standard, SETRAM shows its commitment to the environment. Bureau Veritas confirmed that SETRAM meets the fundamental requirements for the identification and control of the environmental aspects specified in the ISO 14001 standard:

  • Show commitment with clients, investors, people and community.
  • Improve expenditure control through waste reduction and the optimization of energy consumption.
  • Reduce insurance premiums through the reduction in the number of incidents.
  • Facilitate the granting of permissions and authorizations.
  • Improve rating for gaining access to public tenders and grants.

SETRAM is joining an exclusive group of companies that are environmentally friendly; this has a significant positive impact on its corporate identity and reputation, since it answers the environmental demands of the society.

Actions in the Port of Barcelona

For the certification process, SETRAM had to adapt its facilities at the Port of Barcelona to comply with the ISO 14001 standard. A significant investment was required to update and improve some of the key aspects of the environmental management system, such as energy saving and efficiency in the utilities, and the promotion of an environmentally friendly service fleet, inter alia. Furthermore, SETRAM has carried out all the necessary actions for a full compliance with the environmental requirements and to sensitize and aware the staff. SETRAM was already proceeding with the waste separation tasks.
According to Antonio Saiz, Director of Quality at SETRAM: “We have always been aware of the importance of environmental care; from this perspective, we have always considered that doing business has to go hand in hand with the care for the environment and the environmental awareness among employees. ISO 14001 implementation has reinforced this belief the company has long internalized, optimizing the procedures while developing a more thorough control of the tasks”.

Commitment to environment and quality

The objective of the continuous improvement policy of SETRAM in the short to medium term is to implement new standards to complement and back up the existing ones, that, according to Antonio Saiz, “will certainly help to enhance our processes and ultimately the quality of the services we provide”.
To this effect, SETRAM maintains a fleet of electric vehicles in the Port of Barcelona since November 2016. It is a pioneering initiative in the car carrier and automotive logistics sector. SETRAM introduced four commercial Peugeot iPartner vehicles after that a feasibility study proved this kind of vehicle was suitable for the support of SETRAM’s daily operations in the vehicle terminal at the Port of Barcelona. The objective is to gradually increase the number of electric vehicles.

SETRAM incorporates electric vehicles into the operations of Barcelona port terminal


Barcelona, November 21st 2016 – SETRAM, Multimodal logistics operator specialized in automotive logistics, has included four electric vehicles in the operations of its vehicle terminal in the Port of Barcelona. It is a pioneer innovation – bringing significant CO2 level reduction – in the port logistics solutions for the automotive industry. Economic savings and pollution reduction were the drivers for searching alternative vehicle-propulsion energy sources in the activities of this operator, specialized in automotive logistics. The first studies were carried out back in 2010; however, technology and car adaptation were still in an initial development phase at that point.

In the summer of 2015, SETRAM carried out a new feasibility study, which conclusions were favourable to the use of electric vehicles in its port terminal. This initiative joined the on-going SETRAM’s initiative to implement the requirements of ISO 14001. In this way, the project of integrating electric vehicles became a reality.

The project also involved the installation of fast charging poles to meet vehicle productivity requirements. Four Peugeot iPartner commercial vehicles, rented from Alphabet, will provide support to SETRAM’s operations as well as complementary added-value services. The next stage of this initiative will consist in increasing the number of SETRAM’s electric vehicles in the terminal of Port of Barcelona, benefiting of the subsidies foreseen for the next fiscal period.


MOVEA 2 in 2017 and the evolution of electric cars

The MOVEA 2 Plan will enter force on January 1st 2017, which will aid alternative-fueled vehicles with a total amount of 17 million EUR. It will include little changes as compared with the current period; however, one of them will be a limit of 4,000 EUR per company, versus the limit for individuals, which will remain at 5,500 EUR.

In terms of the future of the electric cars in Spain, the market is still modest and calls for more economic vehicles, a nationwide network of charging facilities and fast-charging domestic plugs. However, the irruption of self-driven cars by 2020 could boost the sales of electric cars in the mid-term.


  • SETRAM’s electric vehicles in the car terminal of Port of Barcelona.
  • Fast charging poles for SETRAM’s electric vehicles.

SETRAM Corporate information:

Miquel Tarragona, new general manager of SETRAM

Miquel Tarragona nuevo Director General SETRAM
Miquel Tarragona, new general manager of SETRAM

Barcelona, 4th April, 2016.- Miquel Tarragona is the new General Manager of SETRAM following the retirement of Manuel Hereza. Miquel Tarragona has developed his entire professional career in SETRAM. He joined the company in 1992, and provided support to the different areas and departments until he was appointed Technical and Purchasing Manager. Since 2013, he works as Deputy General Manager. From the academic perspective, Miquel Tarragona completed his engineering studies at the De Montfort University in Leicester (United Kingdom), where he obtained a Bachelor of Engineering degree. In 2006 he obtained the Certificate in Automobile Logistics Management, granted by the ECG Academy in collaboration with the European Business School. In 2009 he followed the General Management Program (PDG) of the IESE Business School.

Miquel Tarragona takes on lead role at setram Miquel Tarragona Director General SETRAM

SETRAM launches its new corporate website 

Barcelona, November 17 2015. – SETRAM, Multimodal Logistics Operator specialized in the automotive industry, is launching its new corporate website today. It is a new web space designed for access from any computing device. SETRAM captures its 34 years of business experience in an usable, easy to search and modern look-and-feel website. Its main sections are:

  • SETRAM: Summary of the company’s foundation and history, with access to the current management team , subsidiaries, quality and security strategies, technological breakthroughs and economic figures.
  • Logistics Solutions: All vehicle road transport and distribution services: Long distance transport, distribution and local transport, confidential trucks, industrial vehicle transport, and buy-back/rent-a-car fleet management. Logistics hubs information. Vehicle port terminals in Barcelona and Seville.
  • News: Corporate messages sent by SETRAM to the market players, which shape corporate reputation.
  • Blog Analysis: It records the most popular analysis read in SETRAM’s blog during the past few months.
  • Private Area: Area restricted to SETRAM’s clients, employees and partners. The upgrade of SETRAM’s corporate website cements the digital transformation required by any Automotive Automobile Logistics Operator, that includes the service accessibility and traceability clients require today.

Dynamic digital infrastructure 

SETRAM daily manages its digital reputation on the following channels:

New website:
Automotive Logistics Analysis Blog:
Linkedin corporate page:
Twitter corporate account:  @_setram
Video channels:

SETRAM published its first corporate website in 1999. Since then, it was updated three times in order to reach its objective of building a bridge both with its clients and with the market. Five years ago, the Blog was launched as a means for the analysis of the data and the reality of the automotive supply chain. After 200 published articles, it records 40,000 visits from professionals in the automotive industry, from the five continents. The video channel reaches 900 views. SETRAM’s account on Twitter, @_setram, already adds 600 followers. Furthermore, SETRAM’s corporate page on Linkedin just started to share value added content for the automotive professionals present in that professional network. In short, SETRAM commits to stay alert to any digital tool innovations in order to inform and communicate with its target audience.

SETRAM has improved transport traceability with a tablet application drivers are already using


Barcelona. June 11th, 2015. – SETRAM, logistics multimodal transport operator, has developed an application that improves the traceability of its transports by increasing the quality of both communication and management information. Gustavo Chaos, ICT Director of SETRAM, explains how the application works: “The driver has direct communication with each and every department of SETRAM through the tablet. All the information managed by the driver is automatically integrated into SETRAM’s TMS. Sent by the TMS, the work orders with the details of the service to be provided are received in the tablet. The driver confirms each operation on the fly as soon as it is completed, while attaching digitized documentation such as transport delivery notes. A car carrier truck driver usually unloads vehicles at different delivery points, sometimes hundreds of kilometers away from each other. Control over all the trip parameters and especially route optimization allow for the reduction of the vehicle delivery time at destination, improving the service and reducing the transportation costs. This application allows the driver to scan the chassis number instead of having to type it manually (17 digits). Additionally, the system has the capacity to digitize the delivery notes and send them to the office in real time.” It also includes a section for quality management, where any possible incidents in the loading and unloading operations are handled in real time.

Gustavo Chaos, Director TIC SETRAM,
Gustavo Chaos, Director TIC SETRAM,

This new SETRAM software allows the position tracking of the goods being transported with full traceability at all times. Moreover, it gathers each truck’s position, fuel consumption, kilometers traveled and actual driving times, obtained from the digital tachograph. It will soon incorporate centralized management of the fuel anti-theft systems and tire condition control (pressure and temperature). The tablet incorporates a security agent with a blocking mechanism to be used in case of theft. The communications between the tablet and the central office are encrypted to achieve maximum confidentiality. Communication can be established over mobile technology 3G/4G or by means of a Wi-Fi connection. The deployment across all the vehicles in the fleet will be completed during the current month of June.

Android system compatibility

The tablet application developed by SETRAM also runs on Android smartphones. The application will soon be available on Google Play, for any driver or SETRAM partner to download. Given that the majority of drivers is already using Android mobile phones or tablets, we foresee a high degree of adoption of our application.

SETRAM Group obtains the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate 

Barcelona, January 23th. 2014.SETRAM starts 2014 as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). SETRAM, with the support of the consulting company Arola, obtained the AEO Customs Simplification/Security and Safety certificate. Spain is already the sixth largest country in number of AEO certified companies, following Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Poland. From now on, SETRAM will take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Simplified transits and manifest as proof of Community status.
  • Simplifications such as direct debit.
  • Simplified declaration for goods binding to a customs warehouse.
  • Simplified declaration for goods release into free circulation.
  • Eligible for T2L issuing.

The Tax Agency states the advantages of the three AEO certificates as follows:

SETRAM Group obtains the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate

SETRAM Group General Manager, Manuel Hereza, explains how the OEA certification was achieved: In our case, the analysis of the import and export processes spread over the last three budgetary years. This is the reason why we feel so satisfied with the work carried out with the competent administration. Since 2014, SETRAM is part of the companies qualified as Authorized Economic Operator. This is a highly appreciated certification in European supply chains, focused on security, reliability and trust of the different supply chain providers. SETRAM Group Quality Manager, Antonio Saiz, was responsible for the coordination of the internal protocol aimed at achieving AEO certificate: Our goal is to become a globally reliable operator and being an AEO is indeed a very important milestone. According to the Association of Certified Customs Representatives (“Asociación de Representantes Aduaneros Certificados” in Spanish) that qualification helps mutual international recognition, and we look forward to increasing the number of certified operators in Europe every year. 

Manuel Hereza, Director General Grupo SETRAM

SETRAM Group General Manager, Manuel Hereza

Antonio Sainz SETRAM

SETRAM Group Quality Manager, Antonio Saiz

The risks of different nature that the European Union countries are currently facing compelled to reinforce the role of customs in terms of international supply chain security beyond the traditional customs controls domain. The objective of the AEO consists not only in fighting the terrorist threat, but also in contributing to the fight against organized crime and protecting citizens from other dangers like those in the consumer or environment protection domains. The role of the Authorized Economic Operator is probably the most important mechanism for customs to carry out this new function in favour of legal trade.

A 4.4% growth in 2013

With a surface of 250,000 m² the vehicle terminal in the Port of Barcelona managed by SETRAM recorded up to 232,000 transit vehicles during 2013, a total increase of 4.4% compared with the previous fiscal year. This figure was achieved thanks to export traffic, which yielded over a 10% growth. With a fleet of 300 car carrier trucks, SETRAM transports over 400,000 vehicles per year. Moreover, in its logistics distribution centres in Spain it manages almost 150,000 units per year.

SETRAM and GEFCO work together in the transport of vehicles from Paris to Barcelona and the stowage to Algeria

Barcelona, January 31, 2013.- SETRAM, multi-modal logistic operator specialized in Automotive Logistics, cooperates with GEFCO, global logistic operator, in the transport from Paris area to Port of Barcelona, as well as the port logistics and vessel operations in the  vehicles for the Algerian market. Before this agreement, the maritime transport of these 17.000 units was developed via other European ports.

Norberto Duarte, Director Comercial SETRAM
Norberto Duarte, Director Comercial SETRAM

Norberto Duarte, Commercial Manager of SETRAM, has emphasised the importance of this new traffic. “We have shown that the logistic processes developed by SETRAM and GEFCO are competitive in the transport of vehicles from Paris to Barcelona and the port operations. This new traffic is also very good news for the Port of Barcelona, because it represents the consolidation of Barcelona as one of the best options for the supply of goods for the North of Africa and the rest of the Mediterranean”.

The automotive traffic in the Port of Barcelona registered positive growths all over 2012, especially from May to November. Currently the monthly growth has increased from 0,91% in May to a 6,68% in August, according to the statistics of the Port of Barcelona.

A strong demand of vehicles by the Algerian market

Algeria has turn into one of the most important markets of the Maghreb for the automotive manufacturers. Presently it has a strategic dimension similar to Brazil or Russia. In 2011, this country imported 400.000 vehicles. There are no vehicle manufacturers in Algeria and French brands are leaders in this sector. In fact, in 2012, the import grow  50%.

Chevrolet renews the contract signed with SETRAM for the Spanish and French markets

Monday November 26th 2012SETRAM, logistic operator specialized in Automobile Logistics, has renewed its contract for port handling, technical preparation and distribution of vehicles to dealers in Spain and France. This signature widens a commercial relation which started in 2010. Chevrolet vehicles leave from Korea and arrive by ship to the SETRAM Terminal in the Port of Barcelona which works as the European Hub for this brand. Particularly, SETRAM manages 50.000 Chevrolet vehicles every year.

SETRAM’s work includes the reception and handling of vehicles in its terminal in the Port of Barcelona; the disposal of value added services (as PDI and the assembly of accesories), as well as batch determination, customs management and direct delivery to Chevrolet dealers in Spain and France.The volume of Chevrolet vehicles bound for Spain and France managed by SETRAM in this year turns Chevrolet into the mean user of this kind of services developed for imported vehicles that arrive in the Port of Barcelona.

For all these reasons, SETRAM installations in the Port of Barcelona (with more of 250.000 square metres, 150.000 of them covered and with space for 13.000 vehicles) have been consolidated as a perfect multi-modal platform for the import and export traffics.

SETRAM considers the renewal of the contract with Chevrolet to be positive. In particular, the company appreciates that Chevrolet has chosen the Port of Barcelona for the distribution of its cars in France. It must be taken into consideration that the automobile company used to operate in a Belgian port, which is a further evidence that the globalization makes of Europe a part of the national market for every logistic service and turns Barcelona into one of the more active ports of the Mediterranean arch.

The deciding factor for the renewal of this contract has been Chevrolet satisfaction with the services asked to be provided by SETRAM and, specially, the fact that SETRAM logistic terminal in the Port of Barcelona, as well as SETRAM transport services, have still been considered by ANFAC as one of the best services in Spain.

With this contract, SETRAM confirms that using just one operator for the whole logistic chain, from the port reception to the technical preparation, the traceability control, the management of the custom space and the distribution transport, is the best integral solution that can be offered to an automobile company in economic and quality terms.

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