Will the autonomous car be a service and we will forget to buy cars?

The autonomous car revolution starts in 2019. At least for manufacturers like General Motors. And we say revolution because they predict that we will reach the end of the car acquisition era, for a new era in which the autonomous car will be a service. The mobility in the car will be by needs, not by the property of the same. While this is confirmed, the publications The Drive and The Verge have advanced the next steps of General Motors. Continue reading Will the autonomous car be a service and we will forget to buy cars?

Professional guide for data security in the automotive industry

Barcelona, March 22, 2018.- The automobile, autonomous / electric, will be part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Sooner than we think today. Every product of our lives with an Internet connection will be a constant source of data. The privacy and security of the data that a car connected to the Internet emits is one of the main concerns. From SETRAM we have had the opportunity to know an exhaustive guide of ACEA to know the best way to guarantee the security of this data. Below we publish only a summary and strongly advise reading the entire study, prepared by the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA).

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Trends 2018: The keys to automotive logistics

Barcelona, February 19, 2018. – The International Congresses on Automotive Logistics are a place where market analysis is heard, examination of past financial years, and possible trends to face the present and the future. Today, we bring to you an analysis of Frauke Heistermann, Non Executive Board Member, BEFESA S.A. / Board Member BVL / Technology Council federal state, Rhineland-Palatinate. Precisely, his analysis on the logistics industry applied to the automotive sector. We hope you find it interesting.

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